What You Need To Know

The best way to know our upcoming schedule is to keep track with us via facebook.
We post any requests for travel as well scheduled travel dates.

Here is what will be provided for your Furbaby by us.

1. Lodging:
I use the hard carriers for each transport. This ensures extra stability if we were ever in a crash as well as extra protection from any dog/dog aggression. I will put ample bedding into each so your Furbaby has a soft comfy ride. Each carrier is sanitized after transport and all bedding is washed in a bleach cycle.

2. Lead:
I use a standard slip lead for every dog I transport. Just because your dog walks great for you does not mean he/she will for me, a complete stranger, walking him/her at a loud and often busy rest stop along the highway. The slip lead is the securest way to walk a dog who may try to run away.

3. Love
Your Furbaby is my Furbaby while in my possession. He/She will be treated with the same love and respect I give my personal pets and my rescued pets. That means lots of kisses and petting and snuggles. Please inform me before hand if your pet does not welcome such affection.

Here is what is expected of you for your Furbaby's transport.

1. Health Certificate:
Your vet needs to provide you with a health certificate proving your furbaby is healthy enough to be carried across state lines. This protects your pet, everyone's pets and our transport program. I will refuse transport for any pet deemed unwell for travel.

2. Food:
Your pet needs enough of their regular food to last them for the entire trip. Changing an animals food will often lead to an upset tummy and no one wants that. Dry food is to be put into a sealed gallon ziplock bag with his/her name clearly written. If you do a wet food diet, please include a seal for cans if only half a can is used at each feeding. And please use only pop top cans. Again, pet's name must be on each can.

3. Meds:
If for some reason your pet is on medication, directions need to be very clear. If the meds are to be kept cold, a freezer pack must be included and it must all be in a gallon ziplock bag along with the meds. Again his/her name must be on the bag.

4. Flea/Tick Free
Nobody wants to get their furbaby with fleas and ticks on them. And I certainly don't want them in my truck. Florida is a terrible breeding ground for the nasty lil buggers! You MUST ensure your pet is flea & tick free. I will comb him/her before loading and will sadly refuse transport if there is an issue.

If for any reason I must refuse transport, the deposit paid upfront is not refundable. Please ensure that each requirement is met before the day of transport.


I charge a flat fee of $.40 per mile.
If I can carry multiple riders in one trip, I will break down everyone's fee accordingly.


Rescue 1 has 2 riders going to Chicago.
Adopter 1 has 1 rider going to Chicago.
Rescue 2 has 3 riders going to Atlanta.

Assuming all riders are in my home base of 33064 then the round trip mileage is 2688.

All 3 parties split the cost equally to Atlanta which is 1256 miles.
The fee for that portion of the trip is $.40 x 1256 = $502 / 3 is $167 paid by all 3 parties.

Now for the remainder of the trip the mileage is 1432.
That is to be paid by Rescue 1 and Adopter 1. So 1432 x $.40 = $572 / by 2 is $286.

So Rescue 1 and Adopter 1 will be paying $453 and Rescue 2 will be paying $167

The more stops along the way there and back gets divided by each party & their destination.
So it's less expensive for everyone when I add multiple destinations.

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